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Water conditioning packages and components for in-plant process water, boiler and cooling water, and commercial water supplies.

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Sales Contact: Paul Stephens
902-469-2806 Ext.129
Products: Adedge Technologies, Inc. Arsenic, heavy metal filter media and cartridges.
  Cuno Inc. Filter housings and cartridges.
  Clack Corporation Filter medias and tanks.
  F.E. Myers Company Ion exchange filters.
  Fleck Automatic filter valves.
  Harmsco Inc. Filter housing and cartridges.
  Osmonics/GE Automatic filter valves and treatment accessories.
  Pentair/American Plumber & Pentek Filtration Filter housings and cartridges.
  Pentair/Structural Media tanks and air injectors.
  The Purolite Company Ion exchange resins.
  Stenner Chemical feed pumps, tanks and peristaltic pumps.
  Other Bag filters and strainers.