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Water treatment packages and components for municipal, industrial and commercial raw water supplies, dust collection, product recovery and pollution control.

Wastewater, sewage and sludge treatment packages and components for municipal, industrial and commercial applications; influent screening, grit removal, biological treatment, clarification, disinfection, sludge handling and composting, air scrubbing and odour control.


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Sales Contacts: Hettie Sacre
902-469-2806 Ext.102
  Ian Johnston
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Products: Advanced Aeration Vacuum bubble aeration for on-site treatment systems, floating aerators.
  Aeration Industries International Inc. Wide selection of aeration products including the Aire-02 Aspirating Aerator and Triton.
  Amiad Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Filters.
  Aquarius Technologies Fixed Bottom Diffused Aeration Equipment - Membrane and Ceramic Disc Diffusers.
  Atlas Copco Screw, Turbos (Air foil & Magnetic Bearings) and Multistage Centrifugal Blowers; Energy efficient solutions for any application requiring low pressure compressed air.
  Biorem Technologies Inc.
Designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emissions control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Offers Biogas Conditioning technologies specializing in biological treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide.

  Con-V-Air Bulk Solids Handling and Make-Down Systems (lime, soda ash, etc.).
  Environetics, Inc. Clearwell baffles, lagoon baffles and liners.
  Evoqua/Dewatering J-Press line of sidebar and overhead filter presses, J-Mate batch and continuous dryers, J-Vap one step dewatering and drying system, horizontal decanter centrifuge, belt filter presses and gravity belt filters.
  Evoqua/Envirex Grit Collection Systems, Bar Screens, Travelling Water Screens, Circular and Straight Line Clarifiers and Thickeners, Chain & Flight Collectors and Drag Outs, Surface Skimmers, Oil Skimmers, Coarse & Fine Bubble Diffusers, Activated Sludge Treatment Systems, Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), Submerged Biological Contactor (SBC), Orbal Oxidation Ditch, Vertical Loop Reactors, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), GAC Fluid Bed Reactors, Anaerobic Digestion, Air Lift Pumps, Rehabilitation/Upgrades.
  Exceltec Tablet chlorinators/de-chlorinators for water & wastewater.
  Filterboxx Packaged and Skidded Water and Wastewater  Systems.
  Flottweg Solid bowl decanter centrifuges for municipal water and municipal wastewater markets.  
  Franklin Miller Inc. Wastewater comminutors, grinders, shredders and screening solutions.
  Flomatic Industrial and municipal water check valves and backflow valves/gates.
  Fournier Industries Inc. Rotary dewatering press.
  GE Water / Zenon ZeeWeed immersed, ultra-filtration membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment.
  Hydro Instruments Gas and liquid chlorination metering systems, controllers, residual analyzers, and gas detection.
  Indachem Polymer make down and feed systems, chemical feed, disinfection control and monitoring systems.
  Ingersoll Rand / Hibon Inc. Blowers: positive displacement and centrifugal.
  Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. Over 50 years supplying equipment for Water and Wastewater applications:

Municipal Water Treatment –Plate Settler Systems, Paddle Wheel Flocculators, Sludge Removal (hoseless vac, and scraper), Baffle and Wall Systems, Troughs.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment – Material Handling Systems, Live Bottom Hoppers, Conveyors (screw and belt), Diverter and Slide Gates, Skimmers, Decanters, Telescoping Valves, Airlift Pumps, Low Profile Cascade Aerators. 

  John Meunier Inc. Cont-Flo bar screen, Escalator fine screen, Mectan grit chamber, Actiflo ballasted clarification for water and wastewater, Hydrovex, combined sewer overflow/stormwater screens, regulators and controllers.
  Johnson Screens Passive intake screens and the Hydrobust screen cleaning system.
  Kruger Inc. Biopasture process, Biocon, Hydrotech disc filters and activated sludge systems.
  Nefco Baffles, weir and scum baffles, launder cover systems, FRP trough systems.
  Orbinox Knife gate valves, wall and channel slide gates, flap gates, weir gates, stoplogs and hydraulic works gates.
  Red Zone Robotics Advanced pipeline assessment technology for decision-making capabilities to successfully and proactively manage a sewer collection system. 
  Sanitherm (Polcon) Static Tube Diffusers.
  Spaans Babcock Archimedean Screw Pumps
  Thermal Process TPS ThermAerTM offers:  superior volatile solids reduction independent of outside temperature.

BioFiltAerTM Odour control unit, ensures that no odours are present on site.

  Trojan Technologies Inc. Ultraviolet disinfection systems.
  UV Pure Manufacturers of Hallett, Upstream and Cactus UV systems in Canada for potable water, water reuse and wastewater applications with some product lines validated for UVT as low as 50%. UV Pure incorporates patented revolutionary Crossfire Technology along with a self-cleaning wiper system, multiple performance sensors and on-board diagnostics and alarming for municipal, commercial  and residential applications.
  ZCL Composites Fiberglass water & wastewater treatment tanks.

Sales Contact: Ken Reardon
902-469-2806 Ext.124
Kevin O'Leary
902-469-2806 Ext.130
Products: Orenco Systems Inc. On-site wastewater treatment and disposal equipment including: Advantex, recirculating and intermittent sand filters, drain field supplies, septic tank accessories, pumping systems and controls, STEP systems, dosing siphons, packaged pump vaults and design assistance.
  Solmax PVC and HDPE liners.